WinSales & Acquisitions

Owning a private jet is no longer the unrealizable dream that it once was. Even so, the purchase process is more than just an exchange of cash.


First-time buyers may dwell on price and delivery, but experienced buyers know that aircraft price is a mere third of 10-year operating costs. Equally significant, especially in Asia where stringent controls are placed on the civil aviation industry, there are countless details to consider -- registrations, licensing, insurance and safety issues and more. The novice buyer must also learn how to budget the costs of a flight team, ground handling, fuel and fuel taxes, routine maintenance, safety checks and repairs. The process can be mind-boggling the first time around.


This is true for either buying or selling an aircraft. That is why WinAir created its WinSales & Acquisitions service. WinAir tailors each purchase or sale to the unique needs of prospective buyer and seller. It brings them together, and guides them through the transfer of ownership, arranging Contact with local government and aviation authorities and assisting with inspection prior to delivery. Later, in the post-sale phase, WinSales & Acquisition can provide routine maintenance and other procedures, assuring the utmost in convenience and satisfaction

WinAir staff have a minimum of 10 years of experience. Together they offer a wealth of industry know-how, including the particulars of each market, having had first-hand Contact with the major aircraft makers, their sales agents and countless business jet owners. Rest assured that WinSales & Acquisition can handle any trading requirement.