Limitless horizons. Winning through vision.

Superior training. Winning through professionalism.


In August 2010, WinAir received from Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) its Air Operator Certificate, marking an industry first as well as a milestone in Taiwan aviation history.

WinAir has an elite staff. Its flight crews, cabin attendants, maintenance crews and ground handlers are all seasoned industry veterans. Flight and maintenance staff are licensed by both the CAA of Taiwan and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the US. Frequent training at Flight Safety International in the U.S. assure that staff are current with the latest flight regulations and safety procedures.


Limitless horizons. Winning through vision.

WinAir is the first Taiwan aeronautical firm to specialize in the lease, charter and trading of private business jets. With our fleet of Gulfstream aircraft and our flight and ground teams, WinAir is fast becoming a provider of global business travel.

Charter flights. No matter where you are or what time of day, a single phone call to WinAir is all it takes. Tell us your destination, route, desired date of travel, and number of people in your party, and we will arrange the safest, fastest and most private travel possible to any city in the world. Or WinAir can provide regularly scheduled chartered flights to help you manage your far-flung business affairs. 

Ground Handling. WinAir Jet provides professional ground handling service in all international airports (TSA, TPE, KHH) and local airports (RMQ, TNN, HUN, TTT, KNH) in Taiwan. We offer our best quality and comprehensive service by using VIP terminal and express CIQS clearance,  hotel and transportation reservation for VIP/Crew, catering service arrangement, refueling service coordination, technical equipment assistance,  landing permit and over-flight permit application, EMS-flight handling, etc.


Private fleet management. To those of you who already own an aircraft but seek professional management, WinAir can provide fleet management and maintenance, including the hiring of staff, cabin management, aircraft maintenance, flight safety management and flight permissions – all the essential services. This means your aircraft is tip-top shape and ready for your next journey. That's not all. WinAir can also help you defray costs by subleasing your aircraft when it is idle. 

Aircraft sales. If you are considering the purchase of a private business jet, WinAir can provide the needed expertise. WinAir offers professional services such as aircraft appraisals, financial planning, broker services, registration and licensing and more. We do the work, minimizing your costs, while you realize your dream of ownership. 

Business Aviation has long been mature industries in Europe and the U.S. Yet in Asia these services are just taking off. WinAir is the first such provider in Taiwan, and we recognize the honor this brings. We will spare no cost or effort in pioneering this exciting, new frontier. Together, WinAir and Taiwan hope you will join us in ushering in this new era. 

With WinAir, the world is within reach. No destination is too far or too remote. WinAir can take you there. Seize the moment ! Enter the Winner's Circle. 
Chief Executive Officer, WinAir, Chen, I