Gulfstream G550


The G550's first test flight in August 2001 made aviation history as the first long-range business jet to fly non-stop between New York and Tokyo. Even today, it plies this route at speeds of Mach 0.87, faster than other business jets in the long haul class.

On March 5, 2010, the G550 broke aviation records again when it flew from Taipei's Sungshan Airport to Los Angeles in 10 hours, 57 minutes.

The G550 remains the world's farthest ranging business jet -- 6,750 nautical miles (12,150 kilometers). Remarkably, its 96-foot long body is sufficiently powered to take off from a short 3,500-foot runway, thanks to two BR710 Rolls-Royce engines, each with thrust of 15,000 pounds. Fully fueled and with a crew of four, the G550 can carry 14 passengers from Taipei to Los Angeles in the east or London in the west. Altitude and headwinds present little challenge to this aircraft.

To assure safety during take off and landing, the G450 is equipped with the Plane View cockpit and Enhanced Vision System.

The aircraft's spacious interior has four sections, three of which allow independent temperature control. Kitchen and washrooms are fore and aft. Advanced ventilation technology delivers fresh air. Aloft, natural lighting is achieved through fourteen oversized oval portholes offering spectacular views of the ground below.

On all long-haul flights, the G550 provides comfortable beds, so that passengers enjoy a good night's sleep and arrive at their destination refreshed.