Professional maintenance. Winning through safety. 

Maintenance and repair are two areas in which WinAir has invested heavily, establishing a dedicated maintenance service center at its Taipei headquarters, staffed by experts with more than 20 years of experience, all certified by the industry's most stringent training operator, Flight Safety International.

These essential services are available through WinMaintenance. When it comes to aircraft maintenance, there are no short-cuts. WinMaintenance deploys every modern analytic tool to assure that potential hazards are identified during routine maintenance procedures. Further, WinAir insists that all aircraft install the latest in high-technology in-flight analytics, such as Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System, In-flight Safety Monitoring System and more. Only after comprehensive maintenance procedures, carried out by certified technicians and engineers, are WinAir aircraft returned to the fleet for flight duty.


WinAir has adopted the world's most stringent maintenance guidelines as its standard operating procedures, thus easily meeting the regulations of Taiwan's CAA, the U.S. FAA and other civil aviation authorities.