Extensive network. Winning through flexibility. 

When you travel by private business jet, you say goodbye to the familiar hassles of commercial flight -- the long waits at airports, the cramped seats, the barely palatable meals, the stuffy, overcrowded cabin. Instead you luxuriate in a well-lit and ventilated cabin. There are comfortable seats and overnight beds. There are five-star gourmet meals. Every form of satellite communications is available, as is a variety of broadband entertainment programming. For the first time in a long time, you will enjoy flying again.

Superbly simple.
Tell us your travel plan -- your destination, desired time of travel, the number of travelers in your party -- that is all WinAir needs to arrange the smartest and most economical itinerary for you.

WinAir charter flights allow you to adapt your travel plans as your business plans change. With only a few hours notice, WinAir can reschedule your flights, canceling some cities or adding others, and take you to your new destination.

Brings you closer to your destination.
Private business jets fly to more cities than do the major airlines, reducing the time spent on surface transportation to and from airports. In the US, for example, commercial airlines fly to only 580 cities, while private jet charters offer 10 times more -- 5,400 airports across the U.S. 
Mobility and productivity.
Hardly possible on commercial flights, hopping from city to city is a simple task by private business jet. Several destinations are easily within reach in a single day. While aloft, you can manage business, conduct meetings, review policy. Flying time becomes productive time.

WinAir private business jet charters add flexibility, mobility and productivity to your travel plans. With WinAir, you are always first to your destination, affording the chance for even greater future success. Some say time is the ultimate master, but with WinAir, you are in charge of your destiny.